We hope you choose to participate in this revolutionary research. We deeply respect and value the insights you choose to share. If you choose to participate, your responses and social data will be strictly de-identified and reported only at the aggregate level. Combined with other voices, your annonymous participation will lead to better understanding of cannabis usage, as well as differences between legalized and unlegalized states. This research is driven by Brightfield Group a research company focused on the CBD and cannabis industry. We hope you choose to participate in this research, and are indebted to your participation and voice. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Jen Kregor: jkregor@brightfieldgroup.com.

Why are you asking for Facebook data? We are studying the connections between the words people use on social media and their use of cannabis and CBD. This research will help us better understand those connections, gain a richer understanding of modern cannabis usage. To participate in this project you can connect to Facebook above and then fill out a short survey. If you choose to participate, your information will be deidentified and only used at the aggregate level.

This application will be able to see your:
  • Public Profile
  • Timeline Posts: Read Facebook posts from your timeline
  • Likes: See pages of public figures you have liked
This application will not:
  • Share your data with a third party
  • Target you or any of your friends with any email or spam
  • Access your private messages or information about your friends
  • See your password
  • Be visible to other people (e.g. no one will be able to see that you used the app)
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